FAQ’s For Volunteers

FAQ’s for Volunteers

If you have never volunteered for this program before, here is a list of FAQ’s.

1. What nights does Operation Red Nose Operation for the 2016 Season?
2. What is Operation Red Nose?
3. Do people have to pay for this service?
4. How does this work?
5. Where is Headquarters and Dispatch?
6. What areas do you offer this service?
7. What do Volunteers have to do?
8. What is the Roll of The Driver?
9. What is the Roll of The Navigator?
10. What is the Roll of The Escort Driver?
11. How do I Volunteer for ORN?


1.What nights does Operation Red Nose Operation for the 2016 Season?

November 25, 26 , December 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17 and 31 from 9:00 pm to 3:00 am

2.What is Operation Red Nose?

It is a safe drive program where we will drive you home in your car.
The ORN program was founded in Quebec in 1984 by Dr. Jean-Marie De Koninck, the coach of the University of Laval swim team, as a way to raise funds and support amateur sport. The first British Columbia ORN program ran in the cities of Abbotsford and Nanaimo and Victoria in December 1996. 2002 was the inaugural year in Delta. Now there are 96 ORN organizations in Canada providing Canadians with 72,172 rides!!!
ORN is a safe driving campaign hosted in Delta/Richmond by the Delta Gymnastics Society in partnership with ICBC, CTV, Richmond RCMP and the Delta Police Department.

3.Do people have to pay for this service?

It is by donation.
All funds raised from Operation Red Nose goes to amateur sport in the regions.
You must have a car to use the service. It is only available to drive people and THEIR vehicles to the destination.

4.How does this work?

A team of 3 people will come and pick you up. The driver and navigator will go in the clients car while the escort driver will follow in the team car. Once at the destination the team then continues on to the next destination.
Cell phones and free phone lines are donated to us and each team will have a phone.

5.Where is Headquarters and Dispatch?

Our headquarters and dispatch is located at the Delta Sports Development Center, 4680 Clarence Taylor Crescent in Ladner;
Our teams meet there at 8:00 p.m. for instruction and new information.  Team are then disbursed at 9:00 pm.
We begin the evening by visiting and promoting at pubs and Christmas parties until we receive the first phone call from dispatch.

6.What areas do you offer this service?

All communities in the lower mainland with the exception of Vancouver are covered by Operation Red Nose.   We are not able to pick up or deliver from Vancouver (only exception would be early in the evening ie before 11:00 pm) .  For those traveling to Vancouver from Richmond or Delta, we encourage you to take the Canada Line and we can pick you up from your parked car.

 7.What do Volunteers have to do?

As a volunteer, you would be part of a team of 3 people, two drivers and a navigator. The team drives in one of your own vehicles to various venues to pick up people and one of our driver volunteers and navigator will drive them home in their vehicle. You choose the job that you feel most comfortable doing.

Each team works from 9:00 p.m. to after 3:00 a.m. and you may work as many or as few nights as you wish. Food is provided each night, door prizes and a gas coupon for the escort car that is used. On New Year’s Eve a great dinner will be served with friends to enjoy as we wait for the first calls to come in.

There are other volunteer positions that don’t involve driving like dispatch and organizing committee work. Please let us know if you are interested in helping in any of these areas.

In January we enjoy a volunteer appreciation dinner with new friends, good food and lots of laughs while reminisce on great Operation Red Nose season.

8.What is the Roll of The Driver?
You will be driving the client’s car – clients may ask you questions about ORN so answer to the best of your ability.

9. What is the Roll of The Navigator?

The Navigator has the phone and communicates with dispatch and manages the Administration Binder
Preferably drives in the client’s car

The Binder Record each ride – dispatch will tell you their name, where they are, where they are going, their cell # and other information.
Record this as quickly as you can.  When arriving at the destination – given them a copy of the receipt and the ‘client’s pack”
The client pack has a thank you and coupons from some of our sponsors.

10.What is the Roll of The Escort Driver?

You are the follow car –it travels with you to rides
You must give us your starting mileage and the end mileage – this is important for our stats, Provincial and National stats.

11.How do I volunteer for ORN?

You need to fill a volunteer form. If you don’t know the dates you can volunteer just yet, leave that information blank and we will contact you. At this point, we would like to know if we can count on you!

Each year, we must have criminal records check completed by the police on anyone who volunteers. The police have generously waived the $55 fee so there is NO COST to you to complete this requirement. However, as these forms normally take 4-6 weeks to complete, we need to fulfill this requirement as quickly as possible.  In the past, many volunteers have decided to help out a few days before the event, which creates extra work for the police!

Want more information?
Please contact us at : 604 943 0460 or Email us at orn@operationrednosedelta.com

We look forward to having you on our volunteer team in 2016!!