FAQ’s For Volunteers

FAQ’s for Volunteers

If you have never volunteered for this program before, here is a list of FAQ’s:


Do people pay for this service

It is by donation. All funds raised from Operation Red Nose go to amateur sport in the host regions. You must have a car to use the service. Operation Red Nose is only available to drive people and their vehicles to their destination.

How does ORN work?

The evening begins by our driving teams visiting and promoting the ORN service at pubs and Christmas parties until they receive the first phone call from dispatch. Teams of 3 people are dispatched to pick up each client. The driver and navigator will go in the client’s car while the escort driver follows in the team car. Once at the client’s destination the team then goes on to their next pick up.


Where is headquarters and dispatch?

Our headquarters and dispatch are located in the Delta Sports Development Center, 4680 Clarence Taylor Crescent in Ladner. Our teams arrive at 8:00 p.m. for instruction and then are dispatched at 9:00 pm.


What areas do you offer this service?

Our Operation Red Nose service covers Delta and Richmond. We offer transfer services to New Westminster.


What do headquarter volunteers do?

We have positions available for Call Takers, Assistant Dispatch, Head Dispatch and Driving Teams. As a driving volunteer, you would be part of a team of 3 people consisting of one Driver, one Escort Driver and a Navigator. The team drives together in one of your team member’s vehicles to pick up a client. The Driver and Navigator drive the client home in the client’s vehicle while the Escort Driver drives the team vehicle to the client’s destination. The driving team of 3 all leave in the team vehicle to pick up the next client.

All headquarter volunteer positions require you to work from 9:00 p.m. to after 3:00 a.m. and you may work as many or as few nights as you wish. Food is provided each night, door prizes and a gas coupon for the escort car. On New Year’s Eve a great dinner will be served prior to the first client calls.

In January Operation Red Nose hosts a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to honour our volunteers and their generous contributions.


What is the role of the Navigator?

The Navigator communicates with dispatch on provided cell phone and manages the administration binder which keeps client records.


What is the role of the Escort

The Escort drives the team car that follows the client car. Client car is driven by the Driver and Navigator.


How do I volunteer for ORN?

First fill out a volunteer form. If you don’t know the dates you can volunteer leave that information blank and we will contact you.

A criminal records check must be completed. There is no charge for this however we need this filled out as soon as possible.



Want more information?
Please contact us at : 604-943-0460 or Email us at eschriber@deltagymnastics.com

We look forward to having you on our volunteer team in 2017!!